An infinite-precision calculator and function library for Miranda

Free Bignum calculator in Internet

You can use the bignum calculator at the address
where you can type in a bignum expression and see the result. If the result has an infinite number of digits, you will need to close the telnet session to terminate the calculation.

In reality, this is a free Miranda evaluator preloaded with the bignum package and with the various command- and shell-escapes disabled. For safety, it is limited to 15 minutes of processing time per call and a maximum memory usage of 10 megabytes. Users requiring more processing time should contact

Here is an example session (from a Unix command prompt):

$ telnet 31415
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
bn_raise (bn_mul (bn "1.5") (bn "0.75")) 6
Connection closed by foreign host.
If you use telnet from MSWindows, often it doesn't show you what you are typing, the <-- key doesn't work, and the output is sometimes garbled. Try fiddling with the option settings to enable local echo, or telnet to with login name luther and password luther, and then use:
telnet localhost 31415
from there.
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